What is First Aid

A general outline of what is considered first aid treatment.

Classroom Teacher Safety Checklist

The classroom safety program is to provide a safe and healthful environment, in which the education of students can be conducted. The following guide is to assist your school site in maintaining a safe and healthful environment.

Who's Who in Worker's Comp

In the case that you are injured or simply want to speak with someone regarding workers' compensation here are the district contacts, third party administrator, and the risk management consultant contacts.

Death Reporting Kit

In the case that there is a death or serious injury/illness that occurs, here is a document that provides guidelines on reporting the incident to OSHA.

Emergency Actions at a Glance


Safety Tip – Setting Up A Classroom


Norovirus School Toolkit


Open & Public IV

The goal of this publication is to explain the requirements of the Ralph M. Brown Act, California's open meeting law, in lay language so that it can be readily understood by local government officials and employees, the public and the news media. We offer practical advice — especially in areas where the Brown Act is unclear or has been the subject of controversy — to assist local agencies in complying with the requirements of the law.

Passenger Restraints Frequently Asked Questions on California

The purpose of this bulletin is to answer frequently asked questions regarding occupant protection in school buses, specifically passenger restraint systems (commonly referred to as lap/shoulder belts and child safety restraint systems (CSRS)). These are some of the most frequently asked questions in our industry.

Here's How You Can Motivate Your People More Effectively

Much has been written about how to motivate people. Some people think there is some type of magic that if they could only access, they could zap a new power into people. Sorry, but no.

The truth is this: People are only motivated by what they value. Yes, that might be money, or saving their skin, but people remain motivated exclusively by what they value.

The Internet and School Discipline: Old Rules Applied to New Technology

The way we communicate has changed. When I was in high school, if I had a problem with a teacher or a school administrator, I would typically discuss it with a friend or group of people. It was a rare occasion that a student would come onto campus and express themselves in a way that would wind up leading to discipline.