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Here's How You Can Motivate Your People More Effectively

Much has been written about how to motivate people. Some people think there is some type of magic that if they could only access, they could zap a new power into people. Sorry, but no.

The truth is this: People are only motivated by what they value. Yes, that might be money, or saving their skin, but people remain motivated exclusively by what they value.

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The Internet and School Discipline:
Old Rules Applied to New Technology

The way we communicate has changed. When I was in high school, if I had a problem with a teacher or a school administrator, I would typically discuss it with a friend or group of people. It was a rare occasion that a student would come onto campus and express themselves in a way that would wind up leading to discipline.

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Volunteer Orientation Video

The purpose of this video is to provide basic information that will help volunteers make the most of their contributions. This training is the start of a volunteer's preparation and each school's site and volunteer job is unique and may require its own orientation as well.

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